605, 2017

Your Responsibilities During a Long term Disability Claim

When your long term disability claim has been approved, you will notice that the instructions from your insurance company includes your responsibilities during the rehabilitation or claims process. As an insured person you have certain requirements to fulfill in order for benefits to be available, or to continue and throughout the claim process. These responsibilities usually includes: ​ 1. Pursue Treatment Options You are required to pursue treatment options and [...]

504, 2017

4 Important Medical Evidence For Your Disability Claim

One of the primary steps in filing a disability claim is submitting medical evidence to back up the fact that you are disabled, and to prove to the agency that how debilitating your condition is. Disability programs will request such records from all your treating physicians as well as any clinics or hospitals where you have received treatment. You should contact all treaters in advance to prepare copies of your [...]

2103, 2017

The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes When Applying For Long Term Disability Claim

Unfortunately, millions of people are dealing with a disability that prevents them from working. If you have become disabled and need to apply for disability benefits, you must to know how the process works. This prevents issues from arising that either prevent or slow down your ability to collect benefits. Here are the 10 most common mistakes people make when applying for long term disability. 1. Not Doing Your Homework [...]

2502, 2014

Preszler Disability Law–Essential Legal Services In Your Time Of Need

If you are planning to file a disability claim–or even if you just think that you need to–Preszler Disability Law can be of invaluable assistance. Providing a range of legal services with particular focus on disability law, the legal professionals at Preszler Disability Law may be able to increase your chances of getting the resolution that you are hoping for with your claim. Disability claims are rarely–if ever–cut and-dried cases. [...]

202, 2014

4 Things You Must Know if Your Insurer Denied Your Long-Term Disability Benefits

Has your insurer denied your claim for long-term disability benefits, despite you faithfully paying your premiums? Below are four things you must know if you’ve been denied benefits. 1. Your Initial Claim May Have Lacked the Correct Information Long-term disability insurance providers may deny an otherwise qualified claim based on lack of evidence. For instance, your initial claim may have lacked substantial proof of your injuries or crucial details about [...]

102, 2014

Why You Should Hire Disability Lawyer Toronto from Preszler Law if You have Been the Victim of Sexual Assault

Two out of three Canadian women have experienced a form of sexual assault at some point in their lives, acco rding to data shared by the Sexual Assault Centre (SACHA) based in Hamilton, Ontario. Research shared by SAC HA also shows one in six boys will experience sexual abuse before reaching adulthood. These startling statistics reveal the commonality of sexual abuse and

102, 2014

Attacked by a Dog? What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Liability in Ontario

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act spells out dog bite liability in Ontario. The Act, established in R.S.O. 1990, Chapter D.16, provides you the right to seek financial restitution in the event you are attacked and injured by another pe rson’s dog.The law does, however, provide some exceptions to the owner’s liability. These include in cases where you may have played a role in.