Long-Term Disability Benefits for Cancer in Ontario

Obtaining long-term disability benefits for any type of cancer is a unique situation. For most types of disabling conditions, the impairments are due to the disease, injury or illness itself. In the case of cancer, though, in many cases, the treatment of the disease causes the disabling conditions that make it difficult or impossible to perform regular job duties. Those applying for benefits should be aware of their rights and how to deal with any tactics insurance adjusters may use to reduce benefits.

Factors that Impact Your Long-Term Disability Claim

The first factor that will impact your long-term disability claim is the type of cancer. Some forms of cancer, such as skin cancer, can be removed with surgery and require no further intervention other than regular checkups. Other types of cancer such as prostate cancer are in many cases detected in the later stages and must be treated immediately and aggressively.
The type of treatment is another major factor in qualifying for long-term disability. Surgery for removal of a tumor may result in a few days in the hospital and general after-care doctor visits. This type of treatment usually does not cause long-term disabling conditions. However, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are common reasons why a cancer patient may become disabled and unable to work.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy often leave a patient weakened and susceptible to more diseases and infections. These conditions often make it impossible to continue working because they can last for weeks.

Challenges to Cancer Disability Claims

A common challenge to disability claims for cancer occurs when the symptoms a claimant lists include any mental disorders such as depression. Depression and anxiety are commonly associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment due to the nature of the disease and treatment. Some insurance companies may try to approve a diagnosis for a mental disorder rather than cancer because benefits for mental disorders may be more restricted and have a lower value over time.
Another challenge to watch for is if you are undergoing chemotherapy for a specific amount of time. The insurance company may agree only to pay benefits during the chemotherapy treatment or not pay any benefits at all due to the length of time you are expected to be treated and unable to work.

Preszler Disability Law Helps You with Your Claim

Our firm has secured benefits for cancer patients, allowing them to focus on their treatment and worry less about their financial situation. If you or a loved one is having difficulty obtaining long-term disability benefits from the insurance company, call 1-800-JUSTICE® for help. We offer a no cost, no obligation claim evaluation where we can address all of your concerns. And remember, there is a never a fee unless we recover money for you.