Short-term disability benefits are generally paid through a private disability plan or through a group disability plan. Common providers are Manulife, Industrial Alliance, Sun Life, Great West Life, Canada Life, among others. In order to receive benefits from a private insurance plan, you must be part of either a private or group disability plan. Payment of premiums ensures that you have such coverage and in order to qualify for payment under a short-term disability plan, a claimant would have to furnish medical evidence that they are unable to perform their own job. Once the claimant qualifies, he or she will receive short-term disability benefits for a period of time. Although all policies are different, most short-term disability plans will pay benefits for a period of twelve to twenty six weeks. The amount paid is governed by the policy of insurance but will usually represent a percentage of your gross or net income. Again, since all policies are different, a review of your benefits booklet is necessary in order to determine the actual amount that you will receive. Some policies pay 100% while others pay only 80%. Each policy is different.

There are, however, public sources available in the form of the Employment Insurance (Sick Leave Benefits) which will provide up to 15 weeks of coverage in the event that you are forced to take a sick leave from you work. By contacting Services Canada, you will be directed to the appropriate department to begin your application.

Since there are strict time lines that apply to all claims, you should apply for your short-term disability benefits immediately.

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