When your long term disability claim has been approved, you will notice that the instructions from your insurance company includes your responsibilities during the rehabilitation or claims process. As an insured person you have certain requirements to fulfill in order for benefits to be available, or to continue and throughout the claim process. These responsibilities usually includes:

1. Pursue Treatment Options

You are required to pursue treatment options and make a reasonable effort to recuperate and return to work. Your insurance company wants to ensure that you’re receiving the recommended treatment for your recovery. Keep in mind that your insurance provider will want to receive updates from you and your treating physician periodically.

2. Participate In ​Rehabilitation

To show that you’re making an effort to return to work, you’ll need to participate in a rehabilitation program when appropriate.

If your claims adjuster believes or feels that you will able to go back to work he or she may schedule a consultation for you. The plan might require you to participate in a multidisciplinary program, which includes physiotherapy, kinesiology treatments and occupational therapy.

If you cannot take part in the program, you will be asked to provide medical evidence that indicates participation would impede your recovery efforts.

3. Effort To Return To Work

Your insurance provider would like to see that you made a reasonable effort to return to work. In addition to participation in your treatment and in rehabilitation, you may be required to attempt modified duties. In an effort to ensure that you’re actively working towards getting back to work, your insurance provider may contact your employer to find out what’s available.

4. Pursue Other Benefits

You may be advised by your insurance company to explore other sources in order to obtain benefits. You will also be required to let your insurance company know if you pursue other benefits and to report any changes to health.

5. Reportable Income

It is your responsibility to report any income you’re receiving from other sources other than your disability claim. You will need to get in touch with your claims adjust and keep them updated on any reportable income. You should also let your claims adjuster know if you get back to your regular job or if you have any other employment. Be sure to read your policy and disability instructions to understand when to report any income as this will certainly affect the amount of benefit you receive.

6. Report Any Changes To Health

It is your responsibility to keep your insurance company informed of any changes to your health. Significant changes to your medical or health status include scheduled surgeries or new diagnoses.